Due to their versatility, MFD (multi-functional device) printers can be a great investment for businesses of all sizes. For small businesses with tighter budgets and less office space, they can be an especially useful addition. Here are some of the ways in which investing in an MFD printer can benefit you:

Takes up less space

Having a fleet of devices occupying a corner of your office is less than ideal, and all the wires and paper can easily get in the way. Replacing them with an MFD can save you a surprising amount of space which can easily be put you use in whatever way you see fit.

Advanced capabilities

Since MFDs are a relatively new development, they often come with a variety of additional capabilities and functions that can really make a difference to your business. For instance, many MFDs offer a wide range of connectivity features like wi-fi, or special software to help manage the way you print.

More cost-effective

Juggling resupply costs for multiple devices can be time-consuming and expensive, but an MFD can help to solve this issue. By replacing your old devices with one, you stand to drastically reduce the amount of money your business has to set aside for printing supplies and maintenance.


An MFD allows you to manage all your printing needs through one machine, greatly simplifying the process. Whether you need to print, scan, fax or copy a document, you’ll be able to do it all through the same device – this makes managing your business’ printing much more straightforward.

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