The digital age is here. Everything is running on pc’s desktops, mobile devices and apps, but yet, we still produce and print as much as we used to.

It does get business owners and finance directors posing the question, can we get rid of our photocopier, but there is still something special about printing documents out and that will never change.

Office printers and photocopiers, along with multi-functional devices are still a mainstay in many different offices around the world. But why? Well people will never stop liking the security of a paper copy of a document or set of notes.

Lots of people find it much easier to read articles and edit article on paper, allowing them to easily focus and digest this properly. Many contracts still require physical signing which is much easier to do on paper and many people will always run off paper copies for a meeting in case of digital failure or those who were unable to access a link/device.

Yes, it might be true that more and more things are going paperless, but there is still and will always be a need to have things printed out. Look around you now and you will see many things which have been printed. Proposals, notes, meeting actions and much more. Heck, you may have even pointed out an email this morning, so you can digest it better.

So, even in this digital era, the office and business copier is still vitally important, and that is why you shouldn’t settle on a copier or printer that is not working for your business. Make sure the one you get will enhance your productivity and make people think of it as an extension of their positive working, rather than an absolutely pain to even print the simplest of black and white word documents.

If you are looking to upgrade a copier to help your business work more efficiently, please do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our team or look through our variety of copiers, helping you compare specifications and price sheets. For more information, you can also use our contact form too.