Leasing photocopying equipment rather than buying it has many advantages. As well as not having to make a big, initial outlay to buy the machine, businesses can also benefit from accessing the latest technology through a lease agreement. Before you sign a contract though, it is important to be clear on the terms to ensure there are no surprises along the way. At Compare Copiers we recommend checking the following before committing to a lease:

1. Check customer feedback

One of the great things about a lease if that the provider should be able to fix any technical problems should they arise. It is worth checking service satisfaction on their website to ensure that they respond to problems quickly and efficiently to give you peace of mind that productivity won’t be compromised if an issue does occur.

2. Check exactly what is included

It is also important to check what exactly is included in the agreement to make sure there are no hidden charges. In particular it is wise to see whether calibration and maintenance costs are included as well as whether they are any callout charges for repairs.

3. Check security

Another advantage of leasing is that when the contract is over, you can exchange the machine for a different one. However, when you do this it’s important to know that any images or data which may be on the copier will not be seen by others. Check what the provider’s policy is for wiping hard drives before you sign so that you know what will happen with information at the end of the lease.

Compare Copiers help businesses to find the best possible lease agreement for their individual needs. We provide companies with three different quotes from three different suppliers enabling them to make an informed choice of photocopier provider. To find out more please contact us using this form.