When choosing a copier for your business, it is vital that you find the machine as well as lease agreement that best match your company’s individual needs. When deciding which option to invest in we recommend considering the following elements before making a decision:

1. Service inclusions

It is important to be clear exactly what is included within the lease agreement. From the offset find out whether things such as annual servicing are included in the fee as well as what the arrangements are regarding spare parts and charges if the machine breaks and needs to be fixed. Knowing these things in advance will help you decide which the best value deal amongst the quotes provided is.

2. Paper size options

When choosing a copier, also bear in mind what paper size options will be needed to ensure the correct machine is selected. Not all models print onto A3 paper, so make sure you pick one which matches the needs of your office. Before signing up to a lease agreement it’s a good idea to keep a log of all copying undertaken to build up a picture of your company’s specific needs.

3. Printing capacity

Before choosing a copier it is also necessary to have an idea of your business’ daily printing volume so that equipment which will meet the capacity needed is chosen. If you choose a machine which does not have an adequate print speed, then office productivity could be compromised as a backlog of jobs build up.

Compare Copiers allow businesses to find the perfect copier and lease agreement for their company. After providing us with information about your printing needs we will find three quotes from three different suppliers to help you choose the most suitable package for your office. For more information or to get a selection of quotes please contact us here.