The cost of printing and copying is not often monitored closely enough by businesses. As a result, spending on machines, ink and paper can quickly escalate and make up a significant percentage of a company’s annual costs. In order to understand how much copying is costing your business it is important to determine the following in order to work out the average spend and if resources could be more effectively managed.

1. Number of machines in use by your organisation

This will be easy to do in a small office, but in larger companies spread across multiple site this will take longer to do.

2. Number of prints/copies per year per machine

There are several ways to identify this. If your machines are relatively sophisticated they should be able to log the number of jobs. Or, you could track individual staff usage through a swipe card or pin code and total up the numbers this way.

3. Cost per page

This will be more difficult to determine as it needs to take several factors into account. There is the individual cost per page in terms of paper and ink, but general running costs such as the electricity needed to run the machine, the initial cost of the equipment itself and annual service/repair fees also needed to be included. Once you have this figure it is then possible to work out the overall costs for your company.

If your annual outlay is higher than expected after factoring in all of these different elements, then one way of addressing spiralling print and copy costs is to lease equipment at a fixed price. Compare Copiers help businesses find the best copier deals for their individual office needs. We find and compare the prices from three different suppliers allowing managers to make informed, cost-effective decisions. For more information about the compare service we provide or to get a quote please get in touch using our contact form.