Leasing a photocopier rather than buying one is a great way to lower overall copying costs and means payments can be spread evenly throughout the year too. To help choose the right copier contract for your business it’s important to bear the following factors in mind:

1. Copying volume

Before signing a lease agreement it’s vital to monitor current copying levels so that you choose a contract which reflects the amount you need. Overestimating the volume could result in paying for copies you don’t use, whereas exceeding the agreed amount could incur extra costs. It’s worth finding out what these are in advance.

2. Copying speed

When selecting a photocopier contract it’s also important to choose a copier which has a copying speed which will meet your company’s needs. If you expect to copy at low volumes a high print speed will not be essential. However, if you are a busy office, then a fast copying speed will be important so that prints jobs do not stack up and that productivity is maintained.

3. Levels of customer service

Finally, it is important to find out about the levels of customer service provided in the agreement. For example, is there a set time within which an engineer will arrive if a machine should need repairing? Similarly, is there a customer support line available for troubleshooting? It is also a good idea to find out if an annual service is included within the lease agreement fee or not.

Compare Copiers help companies find the most cost effective copier lease agreement for them. We compare three different provider costs allowing businesses to make an informed decision about which photocopier contract to choose. For further information or to get a quote, please send us a message using this contact form.