A photocopier is a common piece of kit in many businesses, however so are photocopier problems. Losing time fixing a copier or working out why it isn’t working infuriates many business owners and employees alike, however these are things you can do which can greatly reduce the risk of a copier problem.

Below, the Compare Copiers team have lasted some top tips that might make your current copier more reliable, or ensure your new copier stands up to the reliability test.

Make sure your copier is free of debris. You will be amazed at the number of businesses that store staples and paperclips on their copier. There is a high risk that these will drop into the copier, causing an obstruction and inevitably a fault in your machine. What also happens is people will take out a paperclip and put it on the copier when they are copying, forgetting to put it back on.

Do not put copiers in the printer with tipex on. Not only can this smudge and leave for bad copying, it will also transfer on to the glass and feed rollers causing paper feed and poor quality copying issues.

Furthermore, do not use photocopier paper designed for inkjet copier as this will badly damage or destroy your machine. This is because it uses heat and under stress of warmth, it will melt as it is passing through the machine. This will clog up almost every component of your machine and render it unusable.

When it comes to making sure your copier is lean, by all means clean it with a duster. However, do not use cleaning agents on the glass that contain alcohol and only ones that are specifically designed to clean glass. You can seriously damage the glass if you use the wrong type of cleaning agent.

Finally, and again this sounds trivial, make sure you remove staples and post it notes form your paper when copying them. You would not believe how many people do and feed it in to the copier. Post it notes get stuck in the rollers, whereas rollers can be gouged by staples that have inadvertently been left in sheets of papers.

So, there you have it, some top tips on how to make your copier more reliable. Simple ones really, but it is often the simple things that can cause problems if they are not adhered to.