When it comes to deciding which photocopier to lease for your business, it is important you make an informed decision about the piece of equipment is best suited for the job. In order to choose the most appropriate copier for your office, we recommend considering the following factors:

1. Colour or black and white

The first consideration to make is whether you need to have the facility to print in colour or not. These machines and the toner can incur more costs so it is important to decide whether this copy option is needed or not.

2. Volume required

It is important to have a rough idea of how many copies will made each day in order to select a machine that will meet that demand. Once you have a rough idea of the number, you will be able to select a copier with a pages per minute speed with matches your requirements.

3. Size of paper required

It’s also important to think about what paper size is required. Not all copiers have an A3 function. This may be fine if you are a small business, but if you sometimes need to print on bigger sheets then it’s important to select a model with this capability.

4. Extra functions required

Some copiers have additional features which can make life a lot easier. These include 2-sided copying, as well as a stapling option which is great for multiple page documents and saves time and effort when producing these. It’s worthwhile thinking about what extra functions your company would benefit from in order to choose a model which has these inbuilt.

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