There is no denying it, businesses are there to make money and if you can save money in ways which will not impact your performance, you will. This includes looking at where you buy your paper from, can you get cheaper cleaning services and even if you get your team to buy the milk for coffee and tea rather than the company.

It will come as little surprise then that saving money on your managed print service is another area where people will look to spend less. However, unlike with many areas where you can easily save money, buying toilet roll from Asda rather than Tesco because it is 30p cheaper, a manged print service has so many different costs depending on usage, that the minefield can seem like a no-go area before you even begin.

With a MPS, there are different influences and variables that can alter the price of your package compared to your competitors, however if we take some of the variables and break them down in to a bit more detail, you may start to see where you can make savings.


Depending on your needs, you need to find a copier that will be right for the now, and then one that is right for the next few years too. This is not only because your business will grow, but this will also save money in the long run. Don’t get tricked into thinking you need a very large machine if you don’t, just because it is a good brand or good make and the sales person is telling you all the amazing features it can do, that you will never use.


Copier contracts run on a cost-per-page agreement, so it is very much how much you use your copier that will impact its cost. Printing in black and white, rather than colour will reduce your ongoing management running costs too. Usually the smaller the device you buy, the higher the cost per page ratio. However, other costs are associated to such as the cost of toner. Machine size can be important here as you will need to replace smaller toner cartridges more frequently than larger ones, which can not be as cost-effective.

What can you do if you are tied in but want to make savings?

You can impose some rules to reduce your print usage, such as policies that mean all emails must be printed black and white and each department has a limit to the amount they can print. Over the course of your contract, you could find you start saving a lot of money. It might also reduce the amount of waste printing, meaning you also reduce the amount of paper you need to buy as well, helping you to keep your money available for other businesses ventures.

If you are looking to reduce your copier or for a new managed print service contract, compare our prices by using our comparison tool on our website.