Running a fleet of photocopiers for any business can be expensive and cause a lot of frustration. As a result, many businesses then don’t use the copier to its full potential, causing further frustration.

At Compare Copiers, we help businesses get more from their managed print solutions, save money and also remove the limitations for copying. We have listed a few things below you can do to reduce costs and become more efficient.

Remove wasted printing

Everyone can make a mistake when it comes to printing; not printing double-sided, printing in colour rather than black and white or something else. Did you know however you can set the permissions of users, parameters and default setting to suit your business? You can also set up reports so that you can see which department is printing too much or unnecessarily works.

Create alerts before printing

You can also set up alerts which warn you about printing lots of sheets and make sure you cannot just click print without realising. These are a great way to prevent a magnitude of pages being printed by accident and unnecessary expense.

Automate scanning

Did you know, your copier can scan in whole stacks of paper, and it can be filed away, correctly and accurately, into your system, CRM, CMS or cloud and local storage in less than 5 seconds in an automated process? If the answer is no, unlet us un-tap your potential.

If you would like to know more about how you can unlock the features on your copier, get in touch with us today. If you are struggling to find a copier at the right price, also speak to one of our team and use the comparison tool to get the best copier for your business.