Who are Compare Copiers?
Compare Copiers was established to connect businesses that are looking to purchase/upgrade their office equipment and give them 3 suppliers instantly with an online quote. A lot of our competition make you fill out endless forms to get further qualification calls from suppliers. Our website intelligently links you with the correct suppliers based on the 5 questions you answer.
How long will it take to get pricing?
Compare Copiers supplies the pricing instantly. You answer the questions, it matches you to local suppliers then you can choose to enquire.
Does it costs anything?
No. This service is completely free!
Is this a no obligation service?
Yes completely on a no obligation basis. We supply pricing instantly for you to choose if you enquire.
What machines do you offer?

There are 100’s of different machines. Finding the right device depends on your specification and also monthly volume. The website intelligently asks a series of questions which then offers the right kind of devices for your requirement.