Epson recently announced the release of a new line of EcoTank printers aimed at businesses.

The manufacturer says that the range of ten printers, including three available to purchase now and seven arriving “in the near future”, will “bring high reliability and minimal user intervention for customers ranging from corporate to healthcare, small offices, home offices and more.” Together, the range will offer an impressive array of capabilities including 4-in-1 functionality, ethernet, USB and wi-fi connectivity and print speeds of up to 20 pages per minute.

Epson’s EcoTank models use high-capacity ink tanks instead of cartridges, which fundamentally changes the way you use your printer. The tanks continuously supply ink to the printer, so the occasional top-up is all that’s needed to keep it going. With a plentiful initial supply of ink, straightforward refill process and low resupply costs, businesses now have access to a new, economical way of printing that Epson say can reduce ink costs by an average of 90%.

“Our high-capacity ink tank system printers, including our EcoTank models, have reached more than 30 million sales worldwide. Their success and how well they’ve been received by customers globally is why we’re bringing these new models to business users,” said Epson’s UK product manager, Jade Paris.

“In large corporate environments they are ideal for personal offices as a desktop device, or for small workgroups of one to three people. Additionally, in small or home offices they can be used as a desktop printer, or in locations where users need a printer that is reliable and rarely needs refilling, such as a GP surgery.”