At Compare Copiers our priority is to make sure our customers find the best printing solutions for their business. We know that leasing copiers can be a much more cost effective way of paying for equipment that than buying copiers upfront and being left with redundant technology after just a few years of use. In order to ensure you get the best deal, it’s always important to read the fine print of any service agreement. Whilst the suppliers we work with are known for being reputable companies, this is not always the case as one head teacher in Manchester found out the hard way recently.

When signing the contract for the copier, the head teacher thought he had found a good deal for his school. The package included black and white printouts at a cost of 0.5p per one sided sheet and colour for 3.5p. At least that is the price he thought it was. If the teacher had read the small print he would have discovered the true cost for printing a one-sided colour sheet was actually 11p per page. This is because each toner being used was being charged for separately by the company – cyan, yellow and magenta at 3.5p each, plus the black toner at 0.5p. This actual charging method only came to light when the school were billed for the first time and found that the amount they had been invoiced for was far higher than expected. This shows the importance of always reading the small print before signing any contract.

Compare Copiers specialise in linking buyers to suppliers who can provide the best copying leases for them. We provide companies with different quotes from a selection of providers in order for them to choose the best package for their business. For further information or to get a quote please contact us using our contact form