Photocopying can make a significant dent in any company’s monthly outgoings. Whatever type of business or office it is there is likely to be more copying being made than anticipated whether it be meeting agendas, emails, client documents or the latest annual report. If you think you are spending more than necessary on photocopying here are some things to consider to help you reduce costs:

1. Encourage a culture of think before you print

People can often print documents without thinking about whether it is absolutely necessary to have a hard copy. Engaging with staff and asking them to only copy vital work can be helpful, as can well-placed signs in the photocopying area. Where copying is required, encourage employees to use the double-sided option on the machine to reduce the number of sheets of paper being used.

2. Considering introducing quotas

Another way to reduce costs is to set limits on the volume of copying staff are able to do. This should encourage them to think about whether they need to copy documents or not as well as help to reduce volume for your company overall. This can be implemented by giving staff unique access codes to the machine which will allow usage to be monitored.

3. Use a copier leasing company

A certain amount of photocopying in any office is inevitable. Companies are increasingly using copier leasing companies as these can help save money. A fixed fee is attractive and enables businesses to budget accordingly and worry less about costs whilst still accessing the latest printing technology.

Compare Copiers help businesses of all sizes to find the perfect copying package for their needs. Once you have told us your requirements we find quotes from three different companies for you to allow you to compare the deals available and make an informed choice of machine. For more information please contact us here