Printing costs can be a big proportion of a company’s outgoings if they do not have a suitable machine. Ink costs in particular seem to have risen a lot in recent years, making it more expensive than ever to produce printed documents. Here are some of the reasons why this might be.

One possible reason that ink costs are seemingly higher is that machines are actually getting cheaper. Whilst it is possible to buy a desktop machine for well under £100, the way that some companies can make their money back is through the sale of more expensive compatible ink or toner which needs to be purchased for use with that model.

Another factor that is making ink appear more expensive is shrink-flation. Just as popular chocolate bars and snacks are getting smaller, but charging the same amount (or more) for the product, the same thing is happening with some brands of ink cartridge. This means that whilst companies used to be sure they’d be able to get a set number of pages from a cartridge, this volume is now less – but not necessarily for a cheaper price.

Something else to be aware of when making decisions about printers and toners is the printing yield. This is the number of pages that the cartridge is supposed to be able to last for before it needs replacing. This figure is worked out based on a printed page which has 5% of its content as ink. This means that if your company routinely prints documents which consist of more than 5% ink content (as is usually the case) then the actual yield for your company will be fewer than it states on the ink packet. Due to things like this it is perhaps not surprising that companies are starting to look for alternative innovative print solutions which represent good value for money in the long term.

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